When I can’t/don’t write

Here I am again, on a bright March morning, not writing. I gaze out at my empty back yard that’s usually teeming with wildlife–squirrels, deer are the most frequent inhabitants, but I’ve seen groundhogs, raccoons, beaver–and my mind is blank. No characters begging for release back into the lives I’ve created for them. I bought […]

Don’t Panic

August, 2017: I was heading east from Carrboro to a Raleigh address south of Garner, about a 50-minute drive. Chose to take Highway 64 instead of the interstate so I could cross Jordan Lake on the gorgeous afternoon. I rolled down the windows, turned up the volume on my book on CD (Thirteen Ways of […]

Tall Motel Beds–Form Over Function

Here’s a picture of the bed in the Comfort Inn where we stayed last week in Marion, NC. There’s a trend in motels now to make the beds tall–maybe to save the backs of the housekeepers, who have to make dozens of beds every day. However, I’m paying to sleep there, and even though I’m […]

In de Stilla de night

Stilla, Our Odd-Eyed White She was a flea-bitten mess when we got her from a farm in northern Orange County, NC, in 2003. Our first day with her was spent mostly at the vet. She was seven weeks old, barely weaned, and weighed all of 2 pounds. Two of the other cats in her litter–both […]

Everyone’s a Critic

Recently on Facebook I stated my opinion of a famous writer’s most recent novels (a big thumb’s down from me, after years of respect for his oeuvre). Several other members of the group followed up on my comment, agreeing with me. Last night I woke with an overwhelming need…went to the computer, found my post […]

Nothin’ Ain’t Worth Nothin’ But It’s Free*

I’ve seen a lot of Facebook posts about “women get it free”–then there’s usually a URL that takes us to a site that promises all sorts of free goodies. All one has to do is sign up. I must reiterate what I’ve suspected for many years: beware of “free” offers–anything free is worth what you […]

Ray of Light

I’m slowly going through my correspondence with Ray, my friend of 26 years, upon his death on October 20, 2012. On his Death Certificate the cause should be: “His body couldn’t keep up with his spirit.” Age in years, 67. Age in wisdom, infinite. Here’s a letter he wrote about writers’ block or being in […]

Making Myself Up

A couple of weeks ago I shared time in the car with a friend who is also a writer and has a tremendous influence on my own writing. We were going to a fancy-dress event, and I’d taken great pains choosing what I would wear, tending to my hair, jewelry, and makeup. When I picked […]

Back to High School

Last week in Clinton, NY, I returned to high school. First in two senior creative writing classes taught by the phenomenal Deb Hepburn, Clinton High School. Her energy and enthusiasm are amazing. I don’t know how old she is, but I think she’s close to a contemporary of mine, and I’m 71. I’m tall-ish (5’9″) […]